JD7 completes Phase 1 in Abu Dhabi UAE

Project Description
Underground infrastructure on Abu Dhabi Island, including water distribution pipelines, is nearing the age where failure due to deterioration of the pipes, or due to changing structural loadings, is more likely. This project is a key first step to assessing the condition of a sample of ADDC’s Island water distribution infrastructure in order to gain a better and quantifiable understanding of the whole asset based. From this understanding, an intervention, rehabilitation and replacement strategy and programme can be designed.

Most parts of the existing water distribution network in Abu Dhabi is around 35 years old. After operation and maintenance investigations, it has been reported that the older parts of this network is in various stages of deterioration. It has been concluded that both assessment of the pipes as well as of the rehabilitation of the networks may need to be undertaken.

Due to more stringent water quality requirements required by Abu Dhabi’s Regulation and Supervision Bureau (RSB) as well as increased water demand and supply by Abu Dhabi fast growing population, ADDC sees the growing and urgent need to develop a water distribution system renewal plan.

Overall objective
Specific Objectives of the assignment consists of:

1 Develop risk-based criteria for selecting pipes for condition assessment
The set of candidate pipes from the 54 sectors are prioritised for condition assessment and future rehabilitation/replacement based on their perceived level of risk

2 Survey and validation of ADDC water network
Survey and condition assessment of assets within approximately 152 sectors across the ADDC network will be conducted.

3 Field condition assessment, data analysis and incorporation into ADDC GIS and Maximo database
For Ductile Iron pipes, CCTV inspection is proposed to assess the condition of any internal lining present and the level of internal surface corrosion that may have occurred.

4 Develop risk-based criteria for prioritizing rehabilitation and/or replacement in pipe network.
Production of the Rehabilitation and Replacement Programme

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