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Our Core Values

Our Mission

Aquam Pipe Diagnostics’ business model has always been direct and simple: we seek and cultivate the best industry engineers and partner with the best organizations in the water, wastewater, and industrial pipeline industry. Today, Aquam Pipe Diagnostics design and development engineers are at the forefront of NDT, CCTV and acoustic technology for applications within the water, wastewater, and industrial pipeline industry.

With fully trained operatives available globally, we at Aquam Pipe Diagnostics are committed to fulfilling our brand promise of improving and sustaining long-lasting client relationships through satisfaction and data-driven results. Our suite of proven technologies and extensive experience allow our partners to proficiently inspect, assess and manage pressurized pipelines all over the world.


Our research and development team are committed to bringing innovative products and design to the pipeline inspection industry to support our customer’s expectations. It is our goal to offer our clients a suite of state of the art technologies that are at the forefront of development and proven to succeed. We are committed to making an ongoing investment in our people, our production facility and advancements in our technologies so that we can make a difference in preserving today’s fragile infrastructure.


At Aquam Pipe Diagnostics, it is our mission to deliver quality and excellence through our technologies and our customer service. We are driven by first-class results and client satisfaction, therefore it is imperative for us that we invest heavily in ongoing internal training programs to motivate our team and to research high-end components for product development. Providing the highest standards in customer service, project deliverables, and proven technologies is a key component of our business model.


Energy, proactivity, and positive attitudes are a way of life at Aquam Pipe Diagnostics and enhancement of our brand promise is essential. We believe employee engagement and interaction should personify our mission and build trusting and long-lasting relationships with our clients, therefore we understand that our team is the cornerstone of our business. Our promise to our customers is simple. We aim to provide ongoing support, the highest standard of training and uncompromised expertise to solidify and strengthen our alliances.

As a technology provider, Aquam Pipe Diagnostics is a one-stop-shop for pipeline inspection and assessment solutions. We are committed to offering the best, value-added solution available to meet our client’s objectives. Our extensive technology ‘toolbox’ enables us to perform a comprehensive health check of water and wastewater pipelines and provide defensible data to support capital expenditure decisions and remediation strategies.