Aquam Acquires JD7

Aquam, a world-leading clean-tech firm, and JD7, which offers pipeline assessment technologies, has reached definitive terms for the acquisition of JD7.

Aquam’s addition of JD7 and other subsidiaries, these being Nu Flow Technologies and Nu Flow, creates a dynamic tandem of diagnostics to assist Nu Flow working inside closed loop piping systems (such as water mains and fire suppression systems), as well as the ab ility to rehabilitate these inside infrastructure systems without destruction.

“This acquisition solidifies our position in the world as the number one small diameter pipe analytics and repair service,” Nu Flow CEO Cameron Manners said. “The technology that will be in the hands of hundreds of Nu Flow licensees worldwide will create a driving force that will become the preferred solution to aging infrastructure.”

“This will greatly enhance our market place in the USA and other regions where Nu Flow has over 300 licences for the smaller diameter mains,” JD7 Managing Director Stuart Hamilton said. “And will allow us to expand our sales and service division for the large diameter mains using JD7’s LDS1000 for leakage surveys and other specialist technologies that are at the forefront of technology available in the world today.”

Daniel Krywyj Technical Director also commented, “These are very exciting times for JD7 and Nu Flow and with this joining of forces, will position AQUAM at the forefront of the water and gas networks systems, allowing the group to offer a turnkey solution for clients regardless of what industry they are in.”

The Aquam group will fully address the failing infrastructure problem that has been plaguing the world for decades in all materials and all diameter mains in every situation from sewage to water to gas.

About JD7

JD7 is a Global technology provider focused on pipeline assessments and pipeline inspection solutions. JD7 provides condition assessment, leak inspection/detection and a large range of unique survey products. JD7 offers sales and or services with all their technology along with training on all no-dig technology. These solutions address problems to a sizeable market, including both water and gas utility companies across the globe. JD7 products can access and survey mains from as small as 2 inch to an unlimited size. For further information visit

About Nu Flow

Nu Flow is the global leader for the small diameter pipe lining industry, with a presence in five continents. Nu Flow Technologies manufactures innovative, non-destructive and non-invasive technologies to rehabilitate small diameter piping systems. Nu Flow Technologies sells its solutions to 300+ worldwide licensees. Nu Flow installs these patented, eco-friendly technologies in the United States and Canada. Nu Flow is the only small diameter pipe lining company to provide dual lining technologies from a single source and is master licensee for the longest time-tested small diameter epoxy lining in North America.

Latest JD7 Newsletter

The award is for the latest innovative product to be released from JD7 known as the internal condition assessment tool ‘PipeScan +’ which has been piloted within Thames Water as part of the Morrisons Utilities JV over the last 6 months.

For its size and application, the PipeScan+ is the most advanced type of its kind in the world and will help guide the way condition assessment will be performed in the future due to its live insertion capability.The PipeScan+ has been piloted across pipework sizes from 4in. to 12in. diameter of varying ages and conditions with scanning resolutions down to as low as 5mm linear resolution performed. The linear resolution is programed depending upon the volume of data required of the asset. This ability takes the PipeScan+ into a league of its own with regards to measurement capabilities and not just performing average wall thickness assessments.

Benefits of the PipeScan+ include:

  • Capital investment deferral
  • Mains to be renewed at optimal time
  • Prevention of catastrophic failure
  • Understand the condition of your assets
  • Build you own pipe failure time line

JD7 delivers LDS1000 Platform to Jakarta (Indonesia)

JD7 has delivered its LDS1000 – 1000m metre advanced internal pipe assessment and leak location technology to Paljaya Jakarta. Following a pilot and demonstration of various technologies Paljaya identified the JD7 LDS1000 platform to be the most advanced available in the world today that is capable of locating leaks in low flow and low pressure pipelines which is a critical factor in todays market.

JD7 Partner continues to win awards in Canada

Genivar using JD7 technologies is continuing to win awards in Canada as the preferred technology service delivery provider using the LDS1000 and Investigator for conducting condition assessment surveys and finding leaks in the large and small diameter mains. After taking delivery of the technologies over 6 months ago Genivar now have a healthy order book to deliver projects and services across the whole Canada region

JD7 North American partners Wachs Water Services deliver the most technical challenging live insertion project ever performed using the LDS1000 platform

WWS have successfully completed a project in the USA using the JD7 LDS1000 platform where all other competitive leak detection and internal assessment systems failed to provide a solution. The project was successfully completed last month and the client was extremely happy with the results and findings.

JD7 Launches new generation Gas Insertion technology range

This month JD7 launched its new gas insertion internal assessment and leak detection technology at the Asset Optimisation exhibition in London alongside partners Balfour Beatty and Parsons Brinckerhoff. Since the launch of the product range, the key gas delivery/utility companies have engaged onto the technology with growing interest from overseas.

JD7 sign UK distribution agreement

JD7 sign UK distribution agreement with HyRam Engineering for the distribution of JD7’s Investigator Light product. The product is to be introduced as a specialised technology as part of HyRams product range. HyRam currently hold an impressive product range coupled with strong distribution and after sales service channels throughout the UK water industry.

JD7 Ireland (WaterWorx Ltd) complete LDS1000 project in Dublin

The LDS1000 platform was used to successfully complete a large diameter trunk main leak detection and condition assessment in Dublin (Ireland) where several leaks were identified. The LDS1000 platform was required due to the low flows along the pipeline and visual assessment was required as well as hydrophone assessments so validation of leaks could be performed visually. Visual validation of all leaks was deemed critical to the project.

Benefits of the LDS1000. The LDS1000 has proven time and time again across the World that it is now the major platform in the trunk main leak detection and condition assessment world. An increasing number of companies and asset owners are realising the importance of validating leak noises with high quality visual assessment images. Daniel Poyntz Operations Director for WaterWorx Ltd quotes ‘This is one of the main reasons the LDS1000 is becoming so popular within today’s industry as it gives owners the confidence and validation to make informed decisions on their assets based upon the level of data our technology provides’.

For further details please contact Stuart Hamilton


JD7 wins Utility Pipeline Technology Award

JD7 have won a prestigious award at The Pipeline Industries Guild Annual Dinner and Awards 2013.

JD7 Pipescan+ is a new generation survey tool and a major departure from traditional internal pipe inspection systems, providing a detailed structural condition assessment of smaller diameter mains in addition to the established visual and acoustic capability. Leakage remains a major issue in the water sector but, unlike numerous other ‘leakage detection technologies’ developed over recent years, JD7 Pipescan+ does not rely on remote application.

The system’s acoustic capability is inside the pipe and its ability to locate leakage with pinpoint accuracy increases in the ‘hit’ rate for effective detection and repair.

Will Browning, Contract Director, Morrison Utility Services said “We were delighted, as the main contractors on this innovative project, to have been awarded this accolade alongside our client, Thames Water, and the technology provider, JD7. Our aim is always to introduce innovative and effective new solutions that will enable best practice to flourish and deliver significant benefits to our clients and to our business nationwide. This project provided an innovative approach prompted by the need to provide information that allows informed and accurate decision making when allocating capital expenditure to pipe replacement or rehabilitation programmes.”


JD7 Consortium awarded a project by the Technology Strategy Board

A consortium of Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions, United Utilities, JD7, and Liverpool John Moores University has been awarded a project by the Technology Strategy Board to develop a new solution for assessing water pipes.

The grant is part of more than £2.5m of funding going to several projects and studies aimed at addressing water security challenges in the UK and overseas. The money awarded to the Balfour Beatty collaboration will fund a project developing a ‘Subaqua Assessment Vehicle for Water Infrastructure’, otherwise known as the SAVE Water project.

Building on existing technologies developed by JD7 and already being deployed by Balfour Beatty’s Network Intelligence unit, the project will develop the first complete in-pipe assessment vehicle which will work in live conditions. Delivering a full sensing package of optical and acoustic inspection, it will also be capable of carrying out a complete structural assessment of the pipe material and any associated linings.

For more information please contact Stuart Hamilton

Asia Update

PMPS JD7’s partner for the Asia region has been successful in the recent months of securing 2 long term projects for the long range LDS1000 system along with several other pilots projects involving the LDS1000 and the Investigator systems. This along with the sale of LDS1000 and Investigator units into water companies has seen the presence of JD7 expand dramatically over the past 3 months into the Asia region.

New Zealand & Australia Update

Water Investigation Ltd, JD7 partners in the Australasia region continue to build on their initial success after signing a long term agreement with JD7. Since receipt of the JD7 technology recent trials in New Zealand and the Australia states of Victoria, NSW and Queensland have all been a great success.

JD7 Continue to Grow & Expand their capability on projects

JD7 continue to grow and expand their capability on projects – recent awards range from long range leakage surveys on pressurised trunk mains, internal NDT surveys, external NDT survey and investigations through fire hydrants.

JD7 has been awarded a Technology Strategy Board (TSB) project a UK consortium with Balfour Beatty Utilities, Liverpool University and United Utilities. This project is to develop the next generation condition assessment and leak detection platform. The project is to commence in Jan 2013 and run for 2 years.

Balfour Beatty Utility Services a company that has offices worldwide and employs over 10,000 staff have become a strategic partner to JD7. BBUSL have invested in JD7 technology and has their 1st vehicle of the new Intelligent Network Division fleet operational. BBUS intend to deliver the service to the UK market and have the infrastructure to support growth required through demand.