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CCTV Pipeline Inspection

Aquam Pipe Diagnostics take the guesswork out of pipe inspections with our CCTV technologies.

The advent of closed circuit television video (CCTV) is a game changer for utilities and large asset owners to conduct pipeline condition assessments. CCTV offers asset owners the ability to  visualize pipelines internally that are otherwise impossible for human entry. In order to ensure total system optimization and extend the life expectancy of a water distribution network and it’s fixtures, there is no doubt that knowledge is power. Visual condition assessment technologies provide a better understanding of the health of a water utilities critical assets and assist with the diagnosis of undetected problems such as poor valve condition, heavy tuberculation, pipe wall defects and lining degradation, obstructions, deflected joints, and leakage to name but a few. Through identification of pipe condition and proactive remediation strategies, a water utility can maximize system performance, prioritize capital expenditures and extend the life cycle of their critical infrastructure.

Aquam Pipe Diagnostics were one of the first creators and adopters of a camera that could access a pressurized pipe through existing assets such as a fire hydrant or valve. Through advancements and improvements in technology, Aquam Pipe Diagnostics have developed a suite of visual condition assessment platforms to evaluate pipelines from 3 inches and above. These technologies provide real time video footage during an inspection and act as a screening tool for a higher resolution solution. They facilitate prioritization of pipes that are in need of intervention and allow a utility to make data driven decisions on remediation strategies and improvement programs.

In addition, CCTV pipeline inspections also help evaluate the effectiveness of various maintenance and rehabilitation procedures through the execution of pre and post remediation inspections.

Some of the benefits of performing a visual condition assessment program are:

  • Preliminary condition assessment and asset management screening
  • Live inspection with no supply disruptions
  • Pipeline access through existing system assets
  • Risk prioritization
  • Capital expenditure allocation
  • Infrastructure improvement and remediation strategizing
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Efficiency and precision
  • System optimization

Aquam Pipe Diagnostics have been providing CCTV pipeline inspection technologies and services for over 15 years. Our award-winning pressurized water main CCTV and NDT condition assessment technologies have earned the support and recognition they have today from water and wastewater companies, the industrial sector and commercial entities worldwide.