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Condition Assessment

Aquam pipe diagnostics bring visibility and data driven solutions to pipeline condition assessment and asset management.

You cannot manage what you do not measure, but many of the aging water and sewer pipes in the US remain out of sight and out of mind. Therefore, using meaningful data to determine the true conditions of individual pipelines or pipe systems is critical for utilities’ asset management plans. With comprehensive diagnostics and full condition assessment, utilities can avoid wasting resources and time on the unnecessary full- scale age-based replacement programs and optimize their budget allocation for what is most needed among the stakeholders and communities. A comprehensive condition assessment utilizing visual and NDT, is an investment in managing risk that can help avoid emergencies, prioritize repair and replacement projects, and plan for the future.

Implementing a condition assessment program should begin with a risk analysis to assess the likelihood of failure and the consequence of failure of specific pipelines. Pipes that are considered high risk should constitute those that are in critical locations and where the repercussions of an unknown failure could be potentially devastating. Intervention and preventative measures are key to sustain full system optimization.

Aquam Pipe Diagnostics have developed state of the art technologies that make condition assessment visible and tangible. Our technology utilizes CCTV and ultrasound technology to assess the condition of pressurized pipelines 4 inches and above. Points of interest that present themselves can be analyzed live during an inspection and validated through extensive data analysis on project completion.

Our technologies offer varying levels of data resolution from from visual footage to wall thickness measurements, internal and external corrosion pinpointing, flaw identification, leak detection and lining thickness, coupled with a 3D internal and external condition map. This is a perfect tool for conducting a risk analysis as it will give a utility an estimation of life expectancy of the pipe.