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Leak Detection

Aquam Pipe Diagnostics offer a proactive approach to leak detection and reductions in Non Revenue Water.

In the US, clean drinking water is delivered via one million miles of pipe, and some of the infrastructure components are over 100 years old. While approximately 42 billion gallons of treated water is consumed daily by the public, around 6 billion gallons of treated water is lost to leakage from roughly 240,000 annual water main breaks, according to the ASCE 2017 Infrastructure Report Card.

Increased public awareness and updated regulation encourage water utilities and private water companies to implement leak detection programs that address real losses from their water distribution systems. Real losses are one component of the water audit equation as cited in the AWWA M36 Manual for Water Loss Control and contribute to reductions in Non-Revenue Water. In addition, the location and frequency of leaks can be a performance indicator of a system’s overall condition and can assist in prioritizing where to deploy higher-resolution inspection techniques. According to a Water Research Foundation study, 75% of water utilities cited pipe breaks as a key criterion in pipe replacement decisions. AWWA have estimated that an investment of $1 trillion is necessary to maintain and meet projected customer demands over the next 25 years.

Aquam Pipe Diagnostics have developed award winning technology to identify undetected leaks and air pockets using a combination of highly sensitive acoustic sensors suitable for all pipes, regardless of pipe diameter and material.

Investing in leak detection technology and a long-term water loss control program, a utility will experience significant improvements such as:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced O&M costs
  • Decreased real water losses
  • Reliable public drinking water supply
  • Reduced risk of catastrophic pipe failure and associated socioeconomic costs.
  • Minimal service disruptions
  • Lowered remedial expenditures
  • Positive social perception and improved customer service

Offering a comprehensive approach to leak detection, Aquam Pipe Diagnostics can provide a solution for any pipe material and almost any pipe diameter. Depending on your objectives, we can tailor an approach to meet your expectations.

We have an extensive toolbox of state of the art technologies that identify and pinpoint leaks for all situations and environments. Aquam Pipe Diagnostics offer inline and traditional leak detection services and technologies for pipes 3” and above, all of which are deployed when the pipeline is pressurized and in service. Our in-line pipeline inspection technologies feature an acoustic sensor that has the ability to locate leaks with a high level of accuracy and a 512Hz sonde to locate the position of the leak above ground. A high level of accuracy can prevent false positives and unnecessary excavations and significantly reduce shutdown and repair durations.