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The Bullet™ is a pressurized pipework leak detection system, featuring a hydrophone, HD CCTV and a high powered sonde for pipeline location. The system is designed for 4 inch diameter pipework and above for leak detection and visual assessment.

Access to pipework is possible through full bore fittings, 1.5 inches and above air valves, gate valves and Quadrina's directly on the pipe at full mains pressure. The Bullet™ offers two modes; free flowing and tethered. In free flowing mode the maximum distance achievable is approximately 12 miles and in tethered mode 1640ft (500m) of inspection possible from a single insertion. The device utilizes the flow of water to propel the sensor head along the pipework, where data is extrapolated following retrieval from the pipe. Flow velocity, pipe configuration and battery life will determine the inspection distance.

The hydrophone incorporated into the sensor, allows the system to be extremely effective for leak detection on all pipe materials and diameters providing there is adequate operational pressure. An overview of the pipework can be also understood due to the high resolution camera technology.

The Bullet™ software is used to analyze all data with an automatic report generation feature included. The software displays both video and acoustic data in a number of detail levels and is extremely simple to operate.

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  • Effective in all materials and pipe sizes
  • 12 miles - free flowing mode capability – 1640ft tethered mode
  • Pressurized insertion and seal technology
  • Internal hydrophone for leak detection
  • Sonde for above ground location
  • Simple operation
  • Data analysis and reporting software
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