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The investigator is an asset management and leak detection tool for insertion into pressurized pipelines up to 232psi.

The Investigator is a pressurized pipe inspection and leak detection system and is designed for 3' diameter pipework and above. Access through fire hydrants*, 1.5' and above pressure fittings, air valves, gate valves and Quadrina's at full mains pressure.

The system is mounted onto pipework through a selection of fittings and/or 'hot tappings'. This process makes access into the pipework simple and cost effective.

Monitoring the real-time data captured by the camera and hydrophone sensor head allows the operator to understand internal pipework conditions and identify leaks. A 300ft cable is supplied with the system which potentially offers a maximum inspection distance of 600ft upstream and downstream of the insertion point. This is influenced by pipe diameter, internal condition and the configuration of the pipe. The software is specific for the Investigator technology and is used to control the sensor head and view both video and acoustic results from live surveys. The software displays video in a resizable window and also acoustic results in order of amplitude and frequency. The software also operates the sonde which is built into the camera sensor head. The system is compatible with LiveFeed software for maximum performance.

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  • Tri sensor head (CCTV, hydrophone and sonde)
  • Pressurized insertion up to 232psi
  • Extremely robust camera head with bend mechanism
  • Interchangeablehi-resolution CCTV and hydrophone system
  • Internal hydrophone for precise leak detection
  • Sonde for above ground location
  • Ruggedized control station
  • Real-time analysis software
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