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The LDS1000 is a long distance trunk main live cctv inspection and leak detection platform designed for internal investigation and leak detection work in live pipelines.

The LDS1000™ (Large Diameter System) is a long distance transmission main CCTV inspection and leak detection platform, designed for internal investigation and leak detection on pressurized pipelines. The system utilizes a light tri-sensor head incorporating a high resolution digital camera, hydrophone and an internal sonde combined as a powerful platform for condition assessment, leak detection, mapping and locating. The device is designed to be inserted through existing access points or “hot taps” with an internal diameter of 2' or greater and uses the flow within the pipe as the driver. Parachute sizes (drogues) are selected based upon flow rates.

Drogues sit behind the tri-sensor camera head to ensure maximum visibility throughout surveys. The LDS1000™ is capable of insertion into pressurized pipework up to 150psi and is reliably launched within 12' diameter pipelines and above with a flow rate as low as 1ft/s(0.3m/s). The LDS1000™ comes complete as a full package with training and all items required to implement the technology into any business. This technology will not be matched on reliability and performance and has been proven around the World. The system is compatible with LiveFeed software for maximum data collection performance.

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    • Tri sensor head (hydrophone, camera and sonde)
    • HD camera sensor
    • Proven unmatchable hydrophone sensitivity
    • Electronic cable drum (silent running)
    • Minimum flow of 1ft/s required
    • Pipelines 12” an above diameter
    • Video and acoustic capturing software for simple reporting
    • Light weight heavy duty control cable for increased reliability and durability
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