Asia Update

PMPS JD7’s partner for the Asia region has been successful in the recent months of securing 2 long term projects for the long range LDS1000 system along with several other pilots projects involving the LDS1000 and the Investigator systems. This along with the sale of LDS1000 and Investigator units into water companies has seen the presence of JD7 expand dramatically over the past 3 months into the Asia region.

New Zealand & Australia Update

Water Investigation Ltd, JD7 partners in the Australasia region continue to build on their initial success after signing a long term agreement with JD7. Since receipt of the JD7 technology recent trials in New Zealand and the Australia states of Victoria, NSW and Queensland have all been a great success.

Canada Update

JD7 are pleased to announce a new partner for the Canadian region. Genivar who have numerous offices in Canada and throughout the World have been awarded several projects over the past 2 months and is now classed as the preferred provider of insertion technology in the region.  JD7 technology was delivered to Genivar in Nov 2012 and since then several key projects have been awarded and completed successfully.

Ireland Update

Waterworx Ltd, JD7 partner for Ireland continue to grow with recent project awards. Successful project delivery continues to expand the use of the LDS1000 and Investigator across both Northern and Southern Ireland.

JD7 continue to grow and expand their capability on projects


In other news…

JD7 has been awarded a Technology Strategy Board (TSB) project a UK consortium with Balfour Beatty Utilities, Liverpool University and United Utilities.   This project is to develop the next generation condition assessment and leak detection platform. The project is to commence in Jan 2013 and run for 2 years.

Balfour Beatty Utility Services a company that has offices worldwide and employs over 10,000 staff have become a strategic partner to JD7.  BBUSL have invested in JD7 technology and has their 1st vehicle of the new Intelligent Network Division fleet operational.  BBUS intend to deliver the service to the UK market and have the infrastructure to support growth required through demand.

For more information please contact Stuart Hamilton

Philippines and Middle East companies tap into hi-tech equipment for operations

Water companies in the Philippines and Middle East are tapping into the JD7 “Investigator” to survey their distribution system.

The “Investigator” is a CCTV acoustic leak detection system from the United Kingdom that enables pressurised pipe inspection of 500mm and smaller diameter of pipes without interrupting water service. The device can even be launched through fire hydrants, pressure fittings, air valves, and gate valves.

Aside from making investigations without service interruption possible, the “Investigator” lessens traffic obstruction by minimizing road excavations necessary to check the pipes. The device’s system camera, hydrophone and sonde technology detect the actual location of the leak from the surface and marks it for repair. It also enables overall pipe condition assessment; help trace illegal connections, unknown pipes, and possible sources of water quality issues.

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JD7 continues to win projects in the Asia region

JD7 has been awarded a contract to survey large diameter mains in the city of Jakarta (Indonesia) the project starts mid June and will be using the JD7 LDS1000 portable system – results will be published in the next news letter.

The LDS1000 system was chosen as the preferred technology due to the ability to maximise distance under low flows and to locate/pinpoint leaks using the very sensitive hydrophone in the low pressure situations.

For more information please contact Stuart Hamilton